All this hot weather has us heading for after work drinks and beer gardens. However, there is nothing worse than ruining the next day with a hangover. What if you could help defend the hangover before it sets in to make the most of your weekend?


LifeLine Hangover Defence has been helping Irish consumers defend against the effects of a hangover since 2003. In December 2016, as well as a fresh new look being relaunched, the formulation has been upgraded and it’s now even more effective!


Everyone has their own magic remedy, be it a greasy fry up, pain killers, energy drinks, re-hydration products, etc., however all of these products are taken when the symptoms have already kicked in. LifeLine Hangover Defence is a defence product; it needs to be taken the night before a hangover sets in rather than alleviating the symptoms when you are already suffering.


LifeLine Hangover Defence is a unique food supplement specially formulated with Activated Charcoal which is highly effective in absorbing the congeners (by products of fermentation) found in alcoholic drinks, Aquamin a unique alkaline ingredient harvested from Kelp (seaweed) which contains Calcium and Magnesium and Vitamins B and C, which contribute to reduced tiredness and fatigue, improved energy release & mental performance. LifeLine for Wine also includes Milk Thistle Extract, a traditional herb often recommended for liver function.

Remember a hangover can be a symptom of excessive alcohol consumption, always drink responsibly.