Q: Is Lifeline Hangover Defence™ a hangover cure or remedy?

A: Lifeline™ is not a typical hangover cure, it is a preventative! The internet is full of advice for hangover cures, some believable and some far fetched remedies! Everyone has their own story about how to cure a hangover. If you already have a hangover, with the headache, upset stomach and sickness feeling it is too late to use Lifeline™ effectively. It is not a hangover cure that you use after the event! Lifeline™ is a healthy way to prevent a hangover from starting in tablet form. Prevention is undoubtedly better than cure.

We developed our product to prevent the feeling of a hangover from starting, our product will help adsorb toxins in alcohol and stop you feeling sick. If you use our product as directed and in conjunction with moderate alcohol consumption, research proves it works very well.

Q: Why can’t I just take painkillers tomorrow?

A: Painkillers only offer a short term hangover cure. Lifeline Hangover Defence™ helps defend against hangovers before they start. Painkillers can also have nasty side effects, such as upsetting the stomach even more when already unsettled – Lifeline™ has no known side effects, when taken as directed and is gentle on the stomach. Lifeline Hangover Defence contains no painkillers or caffeine. A proven healthy hangover pill.

Q: Why don’t I just drink a pint of water before sleeping?

A: Drinking water frequently is recommended in combination with taking Lifeline Hangover™. Drinking water on its own does not help settle the stomach or provide vital lost nutrients or absorb toxins. Water is therefore not effective enough by itself in preventing the effects of a hangover from starting.

Q: Will Lifeline Hangover Defence™ work no matter how much I drink?

A: No. Lifeline™ effectively absorbs hangover-causing toxic elements in alcoholic drinks, but it can only absorb so much. We recommend you drink in moderation. 2 capsules should be enough to prevent your hangovers, however you can take up to 6 capsules within 24 hours. We recommend you only drink in moderation.

Q: Where can I buy Lifeline Hangover Defence™?

A: Lifeline™ is available in many locations throughout Ireland and also in more and more locations in the UK and beyond. The easiest way to purchase Lifeline™ is online direct from us, here on our official website. Quick delivery direct to your front door, with worldwide shipping! We use PayPal for convenient and secure payment processing, you don’t even need to open a PayPal account and your payment details are kept secure at all times. We only ever see your delivery details. Buy in complete confidence direct from the manufacture.

By buying Lifeline direct from us, you can be assured of the very best in customer service. We take great pride in our product and as Ireland’s best selling product of its type, we want you to enjoy it as much as we do here in Ireland.

Q: Is Lifeline Hangover Defence™ a drug, is it safe to for me to use?

A: Lifeline™ is totally natural and contains only natural ingredients - no drugs at all. Lifeline Hangover Defence™ capsules contain a carefully researched blend of activated charcoal, the mineral Aquamin® and Vitamins B and C.

Activated charcoal is used in hospitals for the removal of toxins. Lifeline Hangover Defence™ pills contain the highest grade vegetable carbon currently available. A natural produce that prevents rather than cures a hangover. Lifeline Hangover Defence™ is the natural healthy way to prevent a hangover from starting. Contains vitamins, minerals and activated charcoal, proven to work and gentle on the stomach. No caffeine, no painkillers, no drugs.


Lifeline Hangover Defence™ does not prevent intoxication. Please drink responsibly and never drink and drive! www.drinkaware.ie

Common Hangover Cure - Prevention with Lifeline Hangover Defence™ is better than cure!

Fry Up. The hangover classic and not something everyone can stomach in the morning. However, the calories contained in the traditional bacon, eggs, sausage etc. breakfast can give an energy boost, vital to the tired muscles and brain of the hangover sufferer. Could result in too much strain on the body though, which can produce messy results!