About Lifeline™ Hangover Defence.

How Lifeline™ Works in Preventing a Hangover

office-partiesOur hangover capsules have been carefully formulated to provide maximum benefit in one single dose of two capsules.

Easy to use, you simply take the two capsules as early as possible in your drinking session – and that’s it!

No messing about taking a pill with every drink and no extra bottles to carry around with you.

Lifeline Hangover Defence capsules contain only the finest natural ingredients, each carefully chosen for their efficacy and proven ability. When you take Lifeline Hangover Defence capsules you can expect to feel less nauseous, less headachy and less sick the next day.

Lifeline™ Hangover Defence is a hangover preventer that is designed for people who want to prevent the sickness and upset stomach feeling often associated with alcohol consumption the day before.

Each Lifeline™ Hangover Defence dose of two capsules contains a blend of the following ingredients:

Activated charcoalwhich has been used in hospitals for many years and has been shown to be highly effective in adsorbing the congeners (toxins and impurities), found in alcoholic beverages. Congeners tend to be more concentrated in brandies and red wines than in vodka and white wines, which is why many people tend to experience more formidable hangovers after drinking red wines.

Lifeline Hangover Defence capsules contain the highest grade vegetable carbon currently available, offering the largest possible surface area to maximise adsorbtion. Other brands tend to use cheaper carbon and often compress it into pills or caplets, further reducing its ability to adsorb toxins from alcohol.

Aquamin® is a very unique ingredient, sourced from the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the clean and beautiful
lifeline-aquaminWest coast of Ireland. A seaweed-derived mineral source, Aquamin® is rich in calcium, magnesium and 74 other trace minerals including zinc, iron and selenium. It is produced from the red algae, Lithothamnion Calcareum and is patented for its qualities in hangover prevention. Research has shown that combining calcium and magnesium carbonates with activated charcoal further increases the ability of the carbon to absorb congeners and toxins. Aquamin® is considerably more expensive than simple rock chalk, which is the ingredient used by almost all of our competitors – but its also considerably better at doing its job.

Vitamins B and C. Alcohol depletes nutrients from the body. In particular, vitamin B is involved in the maintenance of nervous systemlifeline-vitamin-c functioning as well as aiding relaxation while vitamin C is an important antioxidant which helps protect cells from damage.

Vitamin B3. Niacin is also known as vitamin B3. It has several important functions, including: helping produce energy from the foods we eat and helping keep the nervous and digestive systems healthy.

Taken together the activated carbon and the Aquamin® serve to adsorb most of the toxins associated with alcohol consumption, reducing their effect significantly. Aquamin also settles the stomach by neutralising stomach acids.The vitamins support the body in its attempts to combat the effects of alcohol consumption and repair damage done quickly. Resulting in no more hangover for you. A healthy hangover cure!


approvedDoes Lifeline Hangover Defence work?

Yes – and we can prove it!

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In January 2005 Lifeline Hangover Defence Limited commissioned Eastern Analytical Laboratory Inc., based in Connecticut USA, to run a study comparing the adsorption and acid neutralizing capacity of its Lifeline™ capsules with a new formula Lifeline™ product and with other brands of similar products.


CHASER 6.5mEq 10%
“NO HANGOVER” 12.3mEq 30%


NB: Acid neutralising is the ability of any product to neutralize stomach acid. Adsorption is the ability of the product to adsorb the congeners present in alcoholic beverages.


The current formula of our Lifeline Hangover Defence capsules have been proven to be over twice as effective than Chaser and be able to adsorb six times more congeners. Lifeline™ is the most effective product of its kind currently available – and this is a scientifically proven FACT.

Lifeline Hangover Defence is a natural way to

prevent a hangover from starting.


Some of our rival products contain pain killers and caffeine – these products are often associated with upset stomachs and only serve to mask the effects of a hangover in the short term. Lifeline™ absorbs the toxins present in alcohol before they can begin to cause a hangover. You can cure a hangover by preventing it from starting!

Independent Consumer Research and Lifeline Reviews


In May 2006, Lifeline Hangover Defence Limited commissioned DoT Research, an independent market research company based in Ireland, to conduct market research across a randomly selected population of both Lifeline™ users and non-users. DoT Research published the following findings:

  • 90% of people who had used Lifeline™ intend to use it again.
  • 44% of Lifeline™ sales were as a direct result of personal recommendation

In addition, Lifeline™ users rated their overall satisfaction with Lifeline™ as 6.07 out of 10 – a figure which DoT Research described as “impressive for a food supplement”

Comments From Genuine Lifeline Hangover Defence Users:

@lifeline_hd it’s the wife’s birthday this weekend, so will be making merry with lots of drink! Will be needing some Life Line…

— Mark Beattie (@sparkyboy1971) January 4, 2012

@lifeline_hd cannot believe you’re following me. I used you once and it totally worked and I had no idea where to get more #magicjuice

— Dars K_Unofficial (@D_kaay_Official) January 16, 2012

@lifeline_hd i tested lifeline to the limited the other weekend with a 40th b’day party for one of the rugby team, it passed!i didn’t die

— Mark Beattie (@sparkyboy1971) January 27, 2012