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  • The number 1 selling hangover preventer in Ireland!
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Drinking Tonight, Busy Tomorrow? Get a Lifeline™


Lifeline Hangover Defence™ is a 100% natural vitamin and mineral based food supplement in capsule form, designed to prevent hangovers. Lifeline stops the feeling of nausea before it starts. Lifeline is a natural hangover prevention that’s designed to work from the moment you start drinking. Lifeline™ was developed and is made in Ireland where it is the No.1 brand of hangover preventer on the market – So you know it works, we can prove it. Don’t let a good night lead to a rotten morning! There’s nothing nicer on a cold winter’s night than to snuggle up in front of the telly with a drink – defend yourself from that groggy morning after feeling with Lifeline Hangover Defence™! Lifeline™ sales have become established through pharmacies in Ireland, with loyal consumers and word of mouth leading to increased sales. Our latest customer survey shows that 90% of users intend to use the product again and 44% of our sales come from direct personal recommendations.


Lifeline Hangover Defence ™ The Natural Hangover Preventer

Lifeline Hangover Defence™ is easy to use - for maximum effect take the two capsules within an hour or so of your first drink – and that’s it! The natural ingredients then begin to work whilst you enjoy your drink without fearing the morning after hangover sickness. Each dose delivers into the stomach a measured amount of activated carbon (vegetable charcoal), a soluble calcium and magnesium carbonate blend (Aquamin®), along with up to 25% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins B and C. Lifeline Hangover Defence™ is a natural way to prevent a hangover and its effects.

Lifeline is available in every pharmacy in Ireland – but if you’re unlucky enough not to live here, you can purchase Lifeline Hangover Defence™ online direct through our official website, quickly and safely with PayPal.  Buy our best selling 20 capsule multi-pack and try it for yourself! No painkillers, No caffeine and No drugs, Lifeline is the natural way to prevent a hangover. Lifeline Hangover Defence™ is sold and is labeled in accordance with Irish, US and UK food and food supplement legislation. line

Lifeline Hangover Defence is a natural food supplement.

LIFELINE 20's Lifeline™ is available in all Irish pharmacies. For all other countries we ship worldwide direct from our warehouse in Dublin, Ireland. Lifeline is made by the Irish for Irish drinkers – and has been selling here for 10 years – so you know it works! made-in-ireland-t-shirt-vintage-t-shirt-review-rad-rowdies-rad-rowdies-1No more obscure hangover remedies and unproven hangover cures, our easy to use natural product has been proven to work in independent consumer tests and reviews. Lifeline Hangover Defence is perfect for that night out or night in with a takeaway, wine and movie. Also popular with Hen and Stag Parties, for weddings, social occasions from work and that post match analysis. In fact, use Lifeline any time when you are having a drink. Are you searching for a natural hangover prevention that works? If you are reading this you may have forgotten to take your Lifeline Hangover Defence when you started drinking. Think how you feel with a hangover and remember to have a pack on hand next time you plan on having a few drinks. Lifeline Hangover Defence is easy to use, gentle on the stomach – and it works!

Only two Lifeline Hangover Defence capsules at the start of drinking are all it takes to keep you away from feeling sick through drinking. You need to make sure that you take the dosage within the first hour of your first drink and then forget about taking any other pill for the rest of the evening. Prevent that hangover sickness feeling before it even starts! The only truly effective hangover cure is to prevent one from beginning in the first place. Lifeline Hangover Defence is the natural hangover remedy that is very effective and gentle on your stomach too.



Common Hangover Cures – Prevention with Lifeline™ is better than cure!

Get outside and taste the fresh air. There’s nothing worse than lying around in bed complaining about how ill you feel. Get outside and try to ignore the hangover. Even if it’s just a walk in a park this can still be an extremely effective hangover cure that depends almost entirely on the power of the mind. This hangover cure can be seen purely as working as a placebo – if the hangover victim convinces themselves it’ll make them feel better then it probably will. The best hangover cure is one that starts at the beginning of a night out, Lifeline Hangover pills do just that! line

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